Trauma Energetics Book CoverIn Trauma Energetics, A Study of Held-Energy Systems, describing inner vision strategies drawn from physics, William Redpath examines how trauma is stored energetically in the mindbody. In a holistic, meditational approach to trauma resolution, Redpath demonstrates how to connect to the elusive phenomena of mind/body awareness where there is no movement of our life energy by focusing upon inner color and shape without will or intention; we can readily tap thereby into the most profound aspects of our brain’s self-healing capacities. Within a wide-ranging cultural lineage and historical commentary on political religions, myth, and spirit, the author unwittingly has reinvented the alchemical wheel, showing how the forces, strategies, and process which alchemists recognized are still available and in refined, contemporary form, easily and effectively applicable. Redpath’s provocative approach to the critical importance of trauma in our cognitive, emotional, and kinesthetic experience is initially complex in presentation. However, he delineates a holistic, meditational vision which is ultimately simple and hopeful. 384 pages.

ISBN: 0-9647730-0-7

Excerpts from Trauma Energetics


In the tradition of Friends (Quakers) and of Vimala Thakar, this book is addressed to friends – fellow inquirers into the nature of awareness – and as such has a somewhat personal, varied structure. I begin with a description of my own process as a way of conveying how I achieved the point of view I am presenting. A discussion of trauma and a method I have found to unlock traumatic patterning follows, as does the transcript of a complete session using the technique with a client. I conclude with chapters applying this perspective to themes in religion, spirituality, and therapist abuse.

Not every part of this book will seem relevant to all friends, known and unknown. You are welcome to browse, share, overlook, and play. Eventually, I hope a holistic continuity of perspective will emerge between the various parts. Also I hope you will come to understand that this book is about energetic experience, not ideas or words, which describe it.

In response to readers’ suggestions, I want to say that I am not trying to persuade the unpersuadable, nor to prove scientifically anything in what follows. To interface between language and energy appears to be regularly problematic. What follows is inquiry, an invitation to share the experiences initiating or surrounding these insights. These energetics are the places of first and last resort. Even words, or the ideas they express can be seen to be beside the point.

Table of Contents

  • Acknowledgements [p.ix]
  • Introduction: A Journey Begins [1]
  • Chapter One: More Journey [25]
  • Chapter Two: Trauma and Held Energy [57]
  • Chapter Three: On Black [95]
  • Chapter Four: Technique Considerations [129]
  • Chapter Five: Further Strategies and Anecdotes [153]
  • Chapter Six: A Session [165]
  • Chapter Seven: Energy, the Spirit, and Religion [291]
  • Chapter Eight: Christians and Jews [315]
  • Chapter Nine: Christ-Energy and Authority [329]
  • Appendix: Therapists and Abuse [339]
  • Glossary [357]
  • Idiosyncratic Bibliography [361]
  • Index [365]